KBL Alpha 6800

Gentle strength you can feel

Achieving total relaxation after a long day. The unique, twisted tubes of the 6800 Alpha combines the strength of four wavelengths of light, tan intensively and naturally and gently cleanse stressed skin

  • Gives you p2+ Vitamin D3 that results in tanning that is really gentle on the skin
  • 10 minute max
  • MP3 sound box, Air Con, Mega Voice
  • Aqua Cool, Pre Selection
  • X-tra Tan
  • Canopy 20 160 watt, 4 600 watt, 6 p2 lamps
  • Shoulder 2 250 watt, Lounge 20 180 watt (totally lamp wattage for bed 9,780 watt)


Monday - Friday 8am - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday 9am - 8pm

Appointments necessary for Floats only