Club Membership


The Totally Tan Club Membership offers these benefits:
  • Lowest possible costs
  • Unlimited services in any level membership you choose
  • Convenient, automatic, monthly payment plan
  • Freedom to enjoy your membership as often as you like**
  • Ability to visit all 17 Totally Tan locations
  • Eliminates the need to keep track of individual sessions
  • Ability to freeze your account with our Stay & Save program
  • Fast and easy check-in
  • 20% OFF all skin care products
  • HUGE upgrade discounts

**per FDA guidelines

How does Totally Tan Club Membership work?

Totally Tan Club Membership gives you UNLIMITED access to all of Totally Tan services (within FDA guidelines) without the hassle of paying for each session. It is an unlimited package with no expiration date and lowest possible cost.

*Unlimited access is once per day in any Club Membership

What is our Stay & Save Program?

Our Stay & Save Program allows you to Freeze your account for as long as you like with NO reinstatement fee. Your account will be debited only $5 per month. For every month you are on Stay & Save Totally Tan gives you 5 Club Reward $$’s. These Club Reward $$’s go into your Club Rewards Account to be used for lotions/products and services only. You cannot use Club Reward $$’s for membership dues or fees. Your Club Rewards Account will not be available for use until you reactivate your account. You can freeze your account once per calendar year. Account changes cannot be made over the phone. If your account is delinquent or you cancel your membership you forfeit your Club Reward $$’s. You must have 2 months of un-prorated dues withdrawn before you can cancel or freeze your account.

How can I cancel my Totally Tan Club Membership?

You may cancel by filling out a cancellation request form at any Totally Tan location. Cancellations cannot be made over the phone. You must have 2 months of un-prorated dues withdrawn before you can cancel or freeze your account.

How much will it cost to rejoin, if I cancel my membership?

You may cancel at any time once you have met your 2 months of un-prorated dues payment. There is no cost to cancel and your membership will be available until the end of the month. Should you choose to have a membership again after cancellation the cost of the membership is treated the same as if you were a new member.

*Any account that is NSF or declined beyond three consecutive months will be considered abandoned and will require the original activation fee.

*All prices & terms subject to change without notice.

*All membership requests must be made in salon by submitting a Totally Tan form and cannot be addressed through our website or over the phone.


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Saturday - Sunday 9am - 8pm

Thanksgiving Holiday CLOSED Black Friday 8am - 5pm


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