South St. Paul

Totally Tan & Spa is your first choice tanning salon near South St. Paul, MN that offers UV and high-pressure tanning, spray tanning and red light collagen services throughout the twin cities including South St. Paul, MN.

Many of our guests work near or drive by a Totally Tan & Spa location making it convenient. Your tanning package will be available at any location you choose to visit.

For our South St. Paul guests, tanning has never been easier with Totally Tan & Spa ’s affordable tanning packages, club memberships and coupons.

Our wonderful guests from South St. Paul have been tanning at Totally Tan & Spa for years because they know true value and high quality is provided. Come relax, enjoy, and renew in a clean, comfortable atmosphere you can’t get anywhere else in South St. Paul, MN.

Available services for our South St. Paul guests are:

Premier Sunbeds in South St. Paul: Totally Tan & Spa entry-level beds start at a Premier with a level 1 price! Premier beds have the UVB rays needed to produce the melanin needed for the tanning process.

Ultimate Sunbeds in South St. Paul: Totally Tan & Spa Ultimate laydowns are the perfect upgrade for instant color. These laydowns have more features including shoulder tanners, air conditioning, body mist, stronger bulbs, and some that contour to your body to relieve pressure points to give you an even looking tan.

Elite High-Pressure Sunbeds in South St. Paul: Totally Tan & Spa Elite beds provide the best, longest looking tan imaginable. These beds filter out the majority of the burning rays and give you a richer, darker tan with fewer sessions.

UV-Free (Spray Tanning) in South St. Paul: Totally Tan & Spa Spray Tanning is a fast and easy alternative to traditional tanning. With UV-Free Spray Tanning you will get a uniform and natural-looking cocoa-bronze tan in less than five minutes.

Red Light Collagen Therapy in South St. Paul: Totally Tan & Spa Red Light Therapy helps remove the bacteria that causes acne, and generates cellular activity that deals with age spots and damaged skin. To learn where the nearest Red Light Therapy beds are, visit our Light Therapy page.

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